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2 Buying ConsiderationsΒΆ

Before considering any changes, it’s good to have the right model. These vises are provided with slots milled in the base for clamping to the machine table. Mounting requires that two of the vise’s slots be more or less over a table T-slot. For a vise whose width is close to that of the table, this can be a problem.

Here’s what I mean. They come in three different mounting configurations and it’s important to get the right one if you want to use it on a small mill like the Taig.


On the left is shown a model with mounting slots only on the end of the base. It’s easy to mount this type aligned longitudinally to the X-axis. But it’s just about impossible to align it to the Y-axis because the table is too narrow to support it with even one vise slot over a table T-slot.

On the right is the opposite condition, vise slots only on the side. This one’s easy to align with the Y-axis and a fair range of other angles but pretty tough to align exactly along the X-axis.


The third design has slots on both ends and both sides and is the only one I’d choose for a small mill. This allows alignment to either X or Y axes and a broad range of angles in between. With narrow clamps, it can also be mounted on its end or either side making it about as flexible as possible. Oddly enough, in spite of its superiority, it seems to be the most difficult to find. But they’re out there and well worth the search.