Jim Shaulis' Quick Change Toolpost for the Taig Lathe

Jim Shaulis makes these nice little quick change toolpost sets for the Taig lathe as a spare time job.You can email him or call 330-788-4168

I tested the set and it is a wonderful little design. It allows you to use larger toolbits than the Taig and makes toolchanges effortless. In operation the set was rigid even with large toolbits. I especially like that he has two dovetails so that you don't have to rotate the body between turning and facing.

Jim Says: "The tool post main body and tool holders are made of 6061 aluminum, then they are powder coated with black chrome poly powder making the set oil, solvent, acid, and UV protected. The coating is impact proof to 165 LB per square in.
The center 10/32 stud is stainless steel and so are the height adjustment studs on the holders. Both of the locking handles are oil hardened drill rod.
The main body center within the eccentric cut locking mech. is 4046 aluminum and it handles the pressure from locking the post to the common table. The post main body is 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 including the dove tails, the tool holders are 1" sq. x 1 1/2 long.
The parting tool is made longer for more stability and a positive 3 degree down sweep for the locking hood insures no slip cut offs.
The boring bar is drilled and bored to .501 with a 1/4" of meat around it. The tool holders will hold up to 3/8" cutters.The main body height is 1 7/8" insuring that special cutters ground by you can be easily put on center.
Thanks and don't let the chips get cold under your feet!!! Jim Shaulis"


The set Jim sent me.


Facing with a 3/8" toolbit
Turning with a 1/4" toolbit. I had to shim the 1.4" toolbit up in order to get to center height - amazing how much space the toolpost allows for cutting tools of larger size.
Parting with a 1/2" blade.
Boring w/ 1/2" shank boring tool.
Shot of the toolpost and the boring toolholder.