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I have noted divorces, and possibly mispelled names, etc. please do not be insulted if I have made some sort of inaccurate reference. I may have siblings out of birth order as well. A genealogy has many private tragedies and triumphs which are only hinted at by the limited descriptions.
If the generation no longer retains the Carter name, I have placed the proper name in italics.
I kept the antique phrase "They had issue" because it is quaint, however outmoded it may be.

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(last update September 7th,2020)

Note on the update: I added a bunch of contemporary relatives, but there is still incomplete information on the current generations, as well I need to add/tweak entries. The formatting has places where it has gone berserk as I copied a lot of information from emails.

I don't really care about geneaology, at least I don't take it seriously. Please don't email me to ask if I'll take a DNA test to prove I was from some obscure branch of the Carter family tree. I don't care, for all I know my ancestors were identity thieves who forged baptismal records in order to flee to freedom and a loving wench in the colonies. Seriously. I mainly have this up to keep the recent branches of my family in contact.

A. Johannes le Carter
Who is mentioned in the Trinity Term 1297 of County Kent, in a Placita coram Rege Roll 25, Edw. 1. Other references in old manuscripts prove that he lived in Beverly, East Riding, Yorkshire, and that the place was known as Wodemanse, and that he possessed rent of land worth 2s. 6d.
Johannes le Carter had issue:

1. Johannis
2. William, whose wife was named Elizabeth
3. Ingram, " " " " Alicia
4. Richard, a bachelor
5. Henricus, whose wife was named Margaretta

B1. Johannis le Carter
Who is mentioned as early as 1349 in the will of William de Shriburn. Rector of Bolton Percy. He lived in the Parish of Cussworth and had a wife named Agnes.
Johannis le Carter had issue:

1. Nicholas
2. Radelphus, whose wife was named Alicia S.
3. Willielmi, whose wife was Mathilda Marshall
4. Sabinae
5. Avicia
6. Thomas

C3. Willielmi Carter
Who married Mathilda Marshall, and is mentioned in the will of his mother-in-law in 1592
They had issue:

1. John
2. William
3. Thomas
4. Ricardo

C6. Thomas Carter
Whose wife was named Margota. Following the descendants of Thomas, the sixth son of Johannis, who removed to St. Albans, Hertfordshire, before 1392.
He had issue:

1. Edmundum had a son named William, from whom descend the London branches, and another son,
2. Richard, from whom descended Rev. Thomas Carter, who emigrated to Woburn, Mass., in the Planter, in 1655; and also
3. Col. John Carter, of Upper Norfolk Co., Va., 1649, who was the father of Robert, or King Carter, whose place is still on the River James.

D1. John Carter
Eldest son of 'William, became a Freeman of York in 1476. He married a Margaret ?
They had issue:

1. Nicholas (Sir)
2. John
3. James
4. Brian
5. Thomas

E2. John Carter.
Second son of John Carter and Margaret, his wife, was a Merchant of York and on the Jury List in 1500. He must have had a wife, but the name is missing.
They had issue:

1. Ricardus
2. Willielmus

F2. Willielmus Carter.
Who was an inholder and became a Freeman in 1548. He married May daughter of Christian Bedell.
They had issue:

1. Martin
2. Christian
3. Nicholas

G2. Christian Carter
Married Isabella ?, and lived in Horingham, October, 1605.
They had issue:

1. Francis, married Frances Webster of Hunsingon
2. George " Mary Watkinson of Hemingborow
3. Michael " Janet Lacke, a widow of Halifax
4. John " Mary Buck of Sowerby
5. Thomas " Ellen Wade of Aine in 1594
6. William
7. Mathias

H5. Thomas Carter
married Ellen Wade of Aine in 1594
They had issue:

1. Roger, married Emma Rayles
2. Nicholas, of Burneston, North Riding, who married Dorothy Strangways
3. Susan, who married Samuel Firth
4. Mary, " " William Robinson
5. John, " " Jane Piers
6. Jesset, " " Robert Holmes
7. Almond, " " Anna Williamson

I1. Roger Carter
Eldest son of Thomas Carter and Ellen Wade, was born May 8th, 1595, in Helperby, Yorkshire, and married Nov. 25th, 1627, in St. Michael le Belfrey, York, to Emma Rayles, daughter of William Rayles and Abigail Haxupp.
They had issue:

1. Nicholas, who married some woman in America
2. John, " " Phoebe Foster, Dec. 12th, 1647.
3. Roger, " " Marie Haxupp, June 8th, 1652, when he stated that he was the "Son of Roger Carter, of Helperby, and Ellen Carter, and brother of Nicholas Carter, now in New England."
4. Benjamin, who married Obedrina Northruop.

J1. Nicholas Carter
Born June 4th, 1629, and emigrated before June 8th, 1652, to New England. The first record we have of him is that at Stamford, Conn. He was accepted by the General Court of Connecticut, for a freeman in May, 1664. He then moved to Long Island, and was among "the goodly Company of Englishmen who arrived from New England and obtained leave from Director Stuyvesant to plant a towm within his jurisdiction." Nicholas probably married a woman in America, a relation to Robert Watson, of Windsor, Conn. Robert Watson came from Holdeness, Yorkshire. Nicholas probably moved to Elizabeth, N. J., as we find his name among those of the Original Associates, that he took the oath of fidelity in Elizabeth, February 19th, 1665, that he bought 100 acres March 9th, 1676.
They had issue:

1. Nicholas, born about 1658
2. John
3. Elizabeth, who married Aug. 6th, 1681, John Ratcliffe
4. Samuel

K1. Nicholas Carter. Jr.
Born about 1658
This was inserted in the genealogy: "Mrs. Wm. Jessup - (Aunt Jessup), told my Aunt Phoebe that, "her father's grandfather was Nathaniel, and his brothers Barnabas, Luke, Benjamin and Nehemiah went to New Orleans.") Nicholas Carter, born in England, 1629 Nicholas Carter, Jr., born 1658 Barnabas Carter, born (about) 1688 Nathaniel Carter, born (about) 1715)"
They had issue:

1. Nathaniel
2. Barnabas
3. Luke
4. Benjamin
5. Nehemiah

L1. Nathaniel Carter
born in 1710-15, who married Hannah Price.
They had issue:

1. Aaron
2. Phoebe
3. Anna
4. Eunice
5. Lois
6. Sarah
7. Hannah

M1. Aaron Carter
Born in Chatham, N. J., April 30th, 1744, and married Elizabeth Davis, of Bloomfield, N. J.
They had issue:

1. Hannah
2. Lewis, born in 1778
3. Mary
4. Caleb, born in Chatam, N. J., Feb. 28th, 1782
5. Aaron
6. Sarah

N4. Caleb Carter
Born in Chatham, N. J., Feb. S8, 1782, and died Aug. 1, 1847. He married Phoebe Johnson, Jan. 12, 1805.
They had issue:

1. Elizabeth, born Apr. 12, 1806, died Jan. 8, 1887, unmarried
2. Harriet, " Mar. 2, 1808, " Dec. 12, 1891, "
3. Mary, " May 4, 1810, married Horace H. Nichols no children
4. James Johnson, born Aug. 9, 181S, died Nov., 1875
5. Horace born Oct. 17, 1814, " Dec. 10, 1894
6. Aaron " Jan. 17, 1817 " Jan. 51, 1902
7. Catherin Parkhurst, born Sept. 7, 1819, married Jeremiah D. Poinier
8. Almira, born Mov. ISth, 1822, died Dec. 14, 1888
9. Anna Beach, born Oct. 5, 1825, died June 8, 1908
10. Phoebe, born Feb. 20, 1828, died June, 1901

O6. Aaron Carter.
Born in Newark, N. J., Jan. 17, 1817, died Jan. 51, 1902. Married, first, Aug. 50, 184S, Elizabeth Camp Tuttle, daughter of William Tuttle and Hannah Camp They had issue:

1. William Tuttle, born Sept. 28, 1849
2. Elizabeth Josephine, born Dec., 1851, died April, 1852

Married, second, Oct. 1st, 1856, Sarah Swift Trow, daughter of John F. Trow, (Trow's Directory in New York City), and Catherine Swift.
They had issue:

3. John Franklin
4. Ernest Trow
5. Herbert Swift

P1. William Tuttle Carter
Born in Newark, N. J., Sept. 28, 1849, married June 2nd, 1875, Sophie A., daughter of Stephen Hayes Condict and Sophie King.
They had issue:

1. William Tuttie, Jr.,'born July 10, 1876
2. Elizabeth Condict, " Dec. 22, 1880
3. Joseph Nelson " Sept. 25,1882
4. Kenneth King, " Oct. 15, 1895

P3. Rev. John Franklin Carter
Born October 21st, 1864, married to Alice Schermerhorn Henry, June 7th, 1893 (d. December 8th, 1924.). Died March 30th, 1948. Alice
This is the family depicted in "The Rectory Family" by John Franklin Carter Jr.
They had issue:

1. Henry Carter, born May 8th, 1894
2. Sarah Swift Carter, born August 20th, 1895
3. John Franklin Carter, Jr. born April 27th, 1897
4. Percival Carter, born March 8th, 1900
5. Paul Schermerhorn Carter, born September 14th, 1903
6. Lewis Aaron Carter, born May 6th, 1908
7. Edward Lawrence Carter, born Oct. 10th, 1910

P4. Henry Ernest Trow Carter
born September 3rd, 1863, married to Laura Hoe, September 29th, 1891.
They had issue:

1. Laura Hoe Carter, born March 5th, 1899
2. Roger Ernest Carter, born May 13th, 1901
3. Elizabeth Woodbridge Carter, born April 15th, 1906.

P5. Herbert Swift Carter
Born September 19th, 1869, married to Mabel Stewart Pettit, January 12th, 1897.
They had issue:

1. Alida Stewart Carter, born October 26th, 1898
2. Herbert Swift Carter, Jr., born.September 30th, 1900, Daughter Joy Carter Luke - Married John A. Luke (d. 2007) They had issue John & Hope Hetherington, they had issue Kells Hetherington
3. Alan Carter, born July 29th, 1904.

Q1. Henry Carter
Born May 8th, 1894 m. Mary Potter
They had issue:

Henry Lee Carter
Eleanor (now Bay) Hotchkiss

Q2. Sarah Swift Carter
Born August 20th, 1895 m. Ingersoll Townsend (later divorced and became in old age an Episcopal nun)
They had issue:

Robert Townsend
Sally Carter Townsend (now Lesh)
Marie Day Towsend (now Ree Morrison)
Christopher Townsend

Q3. John Franklin Carter , Jr.
Born April 27th, 1897 m. Sheila Martyn
They had issue:

Sonia (now Greenbaum)

Q4. Percival (Philip) Carter
Born March 8th, 1900 m. Muriel S.F. Bell
They had issue:

Michael Chandler ( Tabitha, Peggy, Michael Jr., and James)
Alice S. F. (Alice has resumed these middle initial on her latest passport) (Paul, Liza, John, Jennifer, Peter, & Tamara)
Nicholas S.F.

Q5. Paul Schermerhorn Carter
Born September 14th, 1903 m. Edith (later divorced) No children, d. July 19th, 1938

Q6. Lewis Aaron Carter
Born May 6th, 1908 m. Gertrude Brandes Ely (1914-2013), d. 1982
They had issue:

Katrina. (Christopher Knerr)
Lewis A. Jr (Eliza Carter Sullivan, and Amanda Carter)
John F. (Caleb, Jacob, and Jesse)

Q7. Edward Lawrence Carter
Born Oct. 10th, 1910 m. (1) Elizabeth Griswold Tenney in November 4, 1934 (divorced 1947) d.June 17th, 1997
They had issue:

Helene Griswold
Louisa Schermerhorn

m. (2) Katrina Ely Murray in 1960, a widow with sons, d. March 2003:

Lachlan Murray
Stuart Murray
Clarke Murray

QA1. Henry Lee Carter
b.?  d, 05/31/19

m. Mai G. Pitts, November 30th, 1963 (?) m. Judith (?)

They had issue:


QA2. Eleanor (now Bay) Herrmann
b.March 04, 1938 m.John Hugo Herrmann on August 11, 1962
They had issue:

Spring Skye Carter Herrmann

QB1. Robert Townsend
b. Sept. 6, 1919, m. Lois Champ Corley (b. February 4, 1918)
They had issue

Heather Townsend Campbell
Madeleine Townsend Burbank
Robert Ingersoll Townsend
David Ames Townsend
Suzanne Townsend

QB2. Sally Carter Townsend Lesh
b. 01/19/1921 m. Jack Krase Lesh (b. 07/10/1922) June 14, 1942 d. 10/10/11
They had issue:

Michael Day Lesh
Peter Swift Lesh
Jonathan Boyd Lesh
James Carter Lesh
David Townsend Lesh
Sally Ann Lesh
Ruth Elizabeth Lesh
Thomas Krase Lesh

QB3. Ree Morrison (was Marie Day Townsend Morrison)
b.07/16/22 m.Robert Stier Morrison (d.1991)
They had issue:

Robert Townsend Morrison b 1951 m. Peggy Daugherty Children: Sarah Marie and Sam
Diane Morrison Dew b 1954 m. Richard Dew 1985 (now divorced) Child: Christopher Dew
Ann Ree Morrison Tomita b 1956 m. Akira Tomita Children: Emily Ann, Eric Masao, Nicole Setsuko
Nancy Elizabeth Morrison b 1956
Scott Carter Morrison b1960 m. Jean Marie Morrison

QB4. Christopher Townsend
b.? m.?

QC1. Sonia Carter Greenbaum
b 2/4/29 m Calvin Frank Grenbaum (b 12/5/26) 4/24/54
They had issue:

Peter Greenbaum
John Greenbaum

QD1. Michael Chandler Carter
b. 12/17/1927 m. Lillian b. 09/11/1929
They had issue:

Michael Chandler C. Jr.

QD2. Alice Stuart Fitzhugh Carter
b.? m.(1)Walter Eugene Lehmann (married Feb 10, 1948) in Williamstown, MA ? (later divorced)
They had issue:

Paul Frederick (Lehmann) Wilson
Elizabeth Ruth (Lehmann-Wilson) Garfield

m.(2) Warren Wilson(married October 1955) in New Boston, MA (later divorced)
They had issue:

John P. Wilson
Jennifer Justine Wilson
Peter S.F. Wilson

m.(3)David Griggs married Sept 1969 Santa Monica (later divorced)
They had issue:

Tamara Anne Griggs

m. John Belmont married November 1982 in Williamstown MA

(step-daughter Grace Belmont, three children: Koya Feb 8, 1997 Yuta January 2,1999 Nathaniel November 2001)

QD3. Nicholas Stuart Fitzhugh Carter
b. Dec. 15, 1935 in Hanover, New Hampshire m. Doris Marion June Allan (b. March 3, 1937 in Montreal) July 2,1960 at Christ Church Catherdral, Montreal,  d. January 22nd, 2012.
They had issue:

Nicholas Allan
Elizabeth Soutter

QF1. Katrina Cameron
b. ? m. Anthony Knerr (now divorced)
They had issue:

Christopher H. Knerr

m. Duncan Cameron

QF2. Lewis A. Carter Jr
b.? m. Marcia Lee Howe, div. 1985
They had issue:

Eliza (Liza) Carter Sullivan 
M. September 21st, 2002 to Timothy Eugene Sullivan b. August 19, 1970. they had issue: Eleanor Elizabeth Sullivan s b. June 6, 2006, Angus Ely Sullivan born on 12/17/08

Amanda Carter

m. 1986 Beverly A. Gilman (born Sechler) 
stepson, Matthew E. Gilman.

QF3. John Franklin Carter II
b. 2/04/1944 NYC ,NY m. Deborah Pettit Swift 8/31/1974 St. John's in the Wilderness, Paul Smiths, NY
They had issue:

Caleb Swift
Jacob Aaron
Jesse Lawrence

QG1. Helene (Laney) Griswold-Carter Langtry
b. 3/3/1936 m. David Sutherland Onley on June 29, 1957, (divorced May 1996):
They had issue:

Doug Sutherland Onley b.October 9, 1964 (October 13, 2002: Douglas Sutherland Onley married Kameran Lindsay Bailey. )
Sarah Katherine Onley b. November 27, 1966

married Bertand Dyer (Andy) Langtry (d. 4/29/2006) November 15th, 2003

QG2. Louisa Schermerhorn Carter
b. 5/16/1940 m. 1964 Edward Gene Sander (b. 6/2/1943) (divorced 1990)
They had issue:

Heather Leudtke Sander b. 2/27/1965 (1. Heather married Sven Wolfgang Heinz - born November 11 1968 Emily Larissa Sander Heinz - born April 24 2000 )
Jessica Tenney Sander b. July7/7/1966 (Jessica married Kevin Patrick Gilleran born Caitlin Elizabeth Gilleran - born September 17 Thomas Patrick Gilleran - born January 21 1999 )
Clara Elizabeth Carter Sander b. 4/19/1977

QAB1 Spring Skye Carter Herrmann
b. in New Denver, B.C. on May 11, 1969. m. (comman law marriage) Ronato Pama
they have issue:

Kai Bay Pama born in Oak Bay, B.C. on February 24, 1998
Pippin Indigo Zane Pama, born in Victoria, B.C on October 03, 2000

QBA1. Heather Townsend Campbell
b. November 4, 1940 m. (1) Gilbert Olden,
they had issue:

1) Valerie Olden, 8/31/1960 (m. Richard Vilbig 8/22/1986, had issue:   Craig Wolfgang Vilbig, 9/22/1993)
2) Rosalind Olden, 9/26/1961 (m. m. Neil Mooney 5/30/1987 they had issue: Eric Gregory Mooney, 9/3/1995)
3) Curtis Townsend Olden, 8/21/1965 (m. m. Jill Kretz  (divorced) they had issue:  Jessica Ellen Olden 11/8/1991)
4) Jennifer Olden, 1/10/1967 (m.John Foley 5/7/1988, they had issue: John Patrick Foley 11/10/1988, Katherine Anne Foley 11/08/1990)(Divorced, remarried Kyle Boucher 1993,  they had issue:                                                Kristopher Norman Boucher 5/2/1994)
5) Alison Olden, 11/11/1970 (m. Steffen Hermanns, they had issue: Katrina Rose Hermanns 2/25/1991)

m.(2) Bruce Campbell b. 11/9/1939.

QBA2. Madeleine Townsend Burbank
b. November 18, 1942 m. 1962 Abram Lincoln Burbank (b.Jan 23, 1942 ) now divorced.
they had issue:

Heather Ellen Burbank, born Feb 22, 1966;
Graham Townsend Burbank, born April 8, 1968 (m. Susan  Dupor, they had issue Archer Grayson Burbank 9/17/2006)
David Lincoln Burbank, born May 24, 1970.

QBA3. QBA3. Robert Ingersoll Townsend
b. May 24 1945, lived with Elise Davies
They had issue:

Peter Townsend (m. Jennifer, children: Abbey-Rose and Hannah

m. Karin Sköld
They had issue:

Sofia Fredrika Helena Sköld 4/10 1979
Simon Johan Robert Sköld 25/8 1982
Felicia Sara Karin Sköld 24/8 1986

QBA4. David Ames Townsend
b. August 26, 1946 m. Ann Mills

QBA5. Suzanne Townsend
b. August 19, 1953 m. Clifford Myers Esler III, b. February 24, 1945
They had issue:

Cheever Ames Townsend Esler, b. December 12, 1991

QBB1. Michael Day Lesh
b. 08/01/1943 m. Marline Eggersten
they had issue:

Melissa Day Millman b. 10/06/1972 m. Steve Millman (child) Isaac Swift Millman b. 03/19/1996
Benjamin Blackett Lesh b. 01/04/1977 m. Robin McKelvey-Creed (child) Natalie Elizabeth FitzGerald Lesh b. 05/30/05

QBB2. Peter Swift Lesh
b. June 15, 1946 Married twice, divorced twice, no children

QBB3. Jonathan Boyd Lesh
b. 11/30/1947 m.(1) Roxene Miller, later divorced
They had issue:

Sante Phaedra Lesh b. 11/26/1969 m. Charles Burnham child: Cahal Ronin Burnham b. Jan 3, 2004
Serge Orion Lesh b. 01/13/1971 m. Jennifer Kinney

m. (2) Carolyn Lowe
They had issue:

Indra b. 05/11/1971 (Carolyn's from a previous marriage, adopted by Jonathan 1992)

QBB4. James Carter Lesh
b. 07/23/1949 m. Melanie Sasseville
They had issue:

John Lawrence Lesh b. 05/16/1985
Carter Townsend Lesh b. 10/01/1987

QBB5. David Townsend Lesh
b. 08/02/1951 m. JoAnn Dwigans
They had issue:

Anna Josie Lesh b.11/23/1975
Joseph Carter Lesh b.01/01/1980
Daniel Dwigans Lesh b. 09/16/1982
Jeffrey Townsend Lesh b. 09/16/1982

QBB6. Sally Ann McLaughlin
b. 09/10/1954 m. Thomas Shane McLaughlin
They had issue:

Kelly Rose McLaughlin b. 01/02/1982
Brenna Ann McLaughlin b. 09/28/1983

QBB7. Ruth Elizabeth Lesh
b.01/08/1956 m.(1) James Jennings (later divorced)
They had issue:

Nathan Lane Jennings b. 04/3/1975

m.(2) Douglas Hall (later divorced)
They had issue:

Casey Allen Hall b. 11/26/1979
Sean Anthony Hall b. 06/05/1981
Tobin Roscoe Hall b. 05/27/1983

QBB8. Thomas Krase Lesh
b. 08/14/1957 w/ Dorothy O'Daniel
They had issue:

Scott Alan Lesh b. 03/11/1988
Hillery Anne Lesh b. 04/26/1990

QCA1. Peter Greenbaum
b. 7/26/1961, m. Susan Moravek (4/8/89, Cold Spring, NY)
They had issue:

Eleanor Greenbaum was born 9/20/2002 (Mt. Kisco NY).

QCA2. John Philip Greenbaum (b 6/10/59) Married Erica Marie Overberger (b. May 14th, 1946) on July 12, 1986. 
They had issue:

Samuel Franklin Greenbaum born April 30, 1990

QDA1. Tabitha Burr Carter Shury
b. 9/18/51 in Boston MA m.10/21/1978 Roger James Shury (b. 8/9/48 in Dunstable England)
They had issue:

Matthew James Shury b. 8/22/1981 in Nashua NH

QDA2. Margaret (Peggy) Schermerhorn Ericson
b. 4 October 1953 in Boston m. John Louis Ericson (b 4/27/1955) in 1982 in Dublin NH at Emanuels Episcopalian church.
They had issue:

Vivian Russell Ericson b. 1984
William John Ericson. b. 1988

QDA3. Michael Chandler Carter, Jr.
b. 16th Feb. 1959 m. Paula de Caruso Suarez on August 13th 1992 (Civil ceremony) and 17th December 1992 (Church).
They had issue:

Caroline Caruso Carter, born April 20, 2000
Georgia Caruso Carter, born March 4, 2002
Alexander Russell Caruso Carter born 24th March 2003

QDA4. James Otis Carter
b.23 Feb. 1964 in Bruxelles,Belgium. m.Michaela (Mikki) Ratti in Venice, Italy in 1999, divorced.

QDB1. Paul Frederick (Lehmann) Wilson
born December 17, 1948 in Bennington VT

QDB2. Elizabeth Ruth (Lehmann-Wilson) Garfield
born May 16, 1951 in New Rochelle, NY.
Married (then divorced, now married again in March 2014) Howard Garfield.
They had issue:

Mackenzie Garfield born in San Francisco December 8, 1985. Married Christopher Gray March 10, 2016, They had issue:  Chloe at home in Toscana. Born September 29, 2018

QDB3. John P. Wilson
born October 30, 1956 Fort Lewis WA
married (1) Anna Ward Sept 25 1984. who died September 21, 1995
They had issue:

Daniel Ward Wilson born September 28, 1985 in Boston
Azrael Oakley Ironwood Wilson (nee Eleanor Rose Wilson) born November 10, 1988 in Boston

married (2) Elizabeth Dexter October 3rd 1998
They had issue:

Hannah Clarice Wilson born August 7, 2000 in Lafayette, IN 
Jacob Wilson born March 31, 2004 in Lafayette, IN

QDB4. Jennifer Justine Wilson
born April 14, 1958 in Lynnwood WA 

Adopted Ingrid Sarobira Wilson on May ???, 2007?

QDB5. Peter Stuart Fitzhugh Wilson
born October 21st, 1966 in Pasadena CA
Married Victoria Suzanne Deise (born 6-10-1968, Pasadena, CA) on May 28, 2005, in Pasadena, CA


QDB6. Tamara Anne Griggs
born May 23, 1970

With Philippe Cluzel
They had issue:
Lou Gabrielle Cluzel, born  03-04-2007, Boston, MA
Juliette ????

QDC1. Nicholas Allan Carter
b. Sept. 9th 1966 m. Felice Adria Luftschein
They had issue:

Henry Allan Jung Carter (adopted April 2003, b. Nov 30 2002, in Seoul Korea)
Maxwell Aaron Yang Carter (adopted  August 9th, 2005, b. April 3rd, 2005, in Seoul Korea)

QDC2. Elizabeth Souter Carter
b. May 10th, 1970

QFA1. Christopher H. Knerr
b. September 13th, 1967 m. Aimee LaBonte
They had issue:

Spencer Lawrence Knerr
Chloe Knerr

QF3. Caleb Swift Carter
b. 2/04/1978 Boston, MA  m. Sachiko (nee Yamabe) Carter

They had issue:
Maya Carter b. 12/01/2008

QF3. Jacob Aaron Carter
b. 4/22/1981 Boston, MA m. Theresa Nowak on 07/14/10

They had issue:
Samuel Carter b. 12/26/12
Simon Kazimierz Carter b April 27th, 2016
Nicolas "Nico" Valentine Carter b. May 17th, 2018

QF3. Jesse Lawrence Carter
b. 10/25/1985 Littleton, NH

QGA1. Doug Sutherland Onley
b.October 9, 1964 m. Kameran Lindsay Bailey on October 13, 2002

they had issue:
Sydney Elizabeth Onley    b. December 14, 2007

QGA2. Sarah Katherine Onley
b. November 27, 1966

m. Sept 13 2008? to Dean Hawthorne?

QGB1.Heather Leudtke Sander-Heinz
b. 2/27/1965 m. Sven Wolfgang Heinz - (b. 11/11/1968)
They had issue:

Emily Larissa Sander Heinz (born April 24 2000 )

Sara (born fall 2006)

QGB2. Jessica Tenney Gilleran
b. July7/7/1966 m. Kevin Patrick Gilleran
They had issue:

Caitlin Elizabeth Gilleran (born September 17 ?)
Thomas Patrick Gilleran - born January 21 1999 )

QGB3.Clara Elizabeth Carter Sander
b. 4/19/1977 m. Dec 31, 2007 Steve McDonald (b 5/23/1975)

They had issue:
Carina Rose McDonald, b. 8/4/2010
Linnea Mary-Alice McDonald b. 8/1/2013

PE3 Alan Carter
b. July 29th, 1904, married Marianne Townsend (b. September 24 1906, daughter of Frederick dePeyster Townsend and Katherine Jermain Savage)
They had issue:

Peter Carter b 02-25-1928
Joan Pettit Carter

Alan Carter had a second marriage to Barbara Kent – daughter of Rockwell Kent
They had 4 children, Timothy, Eric, Kent & Thayer.

PEC1 Joan Pettit (nee. Carter) Chevalier
b. ? m. Harold Fine Chevalier (son of John Bayard Chevalier and Lousia Howard.)
They had issue:

Mark Stewart Chevalier
Charles Chevalier (no children)
Edith Chevalier
Louisa Chevalier
Joan Chevalier


Peter Carter b. 02-25-1928, d. 03-06-1980
married 06/26/1949 Alice Van Saun Lindabury   b. 7-4-1928    d. 8-28-1982

They had issue:

1) Alice Young Carter Houston

Alice Carter Huston married to Aubrey Huston

3 children  Peter Hunter

                Isabel Houston

                Jocelyn Houston

2) Katherine Stewart Carter

1 child  Robin Carter

3) Joy Lindabury Carter married Michael William Faris

2 children  Katharine Jeanette Faris Warren

                Nicholas Michael Faris

PECA1 Mark Chevalier
b. 03/19/1952  m. Karen Leigh Shelton (daughter of James Nelson Shelton and Jacquline Wayne Wynn)
They had issue:

Jacqueline Leigh Chevalier (born Feb 2 1984)
Caroline Stewart Chevalier (born April 25 1987)
Philip Shelton Chevalier (born Feb 8 1989)

PECA3 Edith Chevalier
married and then divorced. Her second marriage was to Walter Armstrong.
They had issue:

Katherine Armstrong
John Armstrong.

PECA4 Louisa Chevalier
m. Peter Judge.
They had issue:

Samuel Judge
Anna Judge

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Parent Sister or Brother Nephew or Niece Grand-nephew or niece G-grand-nephew or niece
Grandparent Nephew or Niece First cousin First cousin, once removed First cousin, twice removed
Great-Grandparent Grand-nephew or niece First cousin, once removed Second cousin Second cousin, once removed
Great-Great-Grandparent G-grand-nephew or niece First cousin, twice removed Second cousin, once removed Third cousin

Instructions for Using a Relationship Chart:
Pick two people in your family and figure out which ancestor they have in common. For example, if you chose yourself and a cousin, you would have a grandparent in common. Look at the top row of the chart and find the first person's relationship to the common ancestor. Look at the far left column of the chart and find the second person's relationship to the common ancestor. Determine where the row and column containing those two relationships meet.

The easiest way to find a common ancestor is to open two windows with the genealogy in each. In one window find person A, in the other find person B.

Click on the ID number next to person A's name, and the one next to B's. This will take you up one level to each's parents. If no common link is found click again.

If they are from different generations, you can tell by the number of character's in the code Q# is the rectory family Q(letter)# is the next generation, Q(letter, letter)# the next, etc. So click up first with the person who has the longest ID number, until the number of characters in the ID# is the same.

For instance, my (Nicholas Allan Carter) ID# is QDC1 and Sally Carter Townsend Lesh's ID# is QB2.
I have one more character in my ID# so I click up first.
Clicking up one level brings me to my Father, Nicholas S.F. Carter #QD3
Now both ID#'s have the same number of characters, so I can click up for each, which brings us to Q4. Percival (Philip) Carter, my grandfather, and Q2. Sarah Swift Carter
Clicking up again brings us to P3. John Franklin Carter for both, thus he is our common ancestor, my Great-grandfather, and Sally's Grandfather. That makes her my first cousin, once removed.

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