The High Tech Systems LLC Taig Tooling Plate

High Tech Systems sent me their tooling plate for the Taig Milling Machine.

The tooling plate mounted to the Taig milling machine. The plate is 5" x 18" x 1/2", made of aluminum on a HAAS CNC milling machine.

The plate is supplied with 6 aluminum t-nuts that fit the Taig table and affix the tooling plate to the table with 6 #10-32 screws that are put into countersunk holes..

The plate has 3 Sherline sized t-slots that run the length of the table and 4 rows of 14 holes tapped #10-32

The 4 holes on the far left are for mounting the Sherline rotary table.


Here are some examples of mounting work to the surface of the plate.

Because it uses Sherline t-slots it is easy to mount Sherline accessories to the plate. Thus the tooling plate can be used as an adapter to allow easy use of Sherline accessories on the Taig machine.

The tapped holes have the correct spacing to mount the Taig vise easily to the plate, one could easily mount many vises for production machining. The wide surface and tapped holes allow one to use step clamps and other clamping methods.

The best feature of the tooling plate is the 4 holes for directly mounting a Sherline rotary table at right angles, so you do not need to buy and modify the Sherline right angle plate to use it on the Taig mill.

The table mounts from the bottom with 4 screws that are counterbored so the table can still rest on top of the Taig table. The 4 aluminum spacers raise the rotary table up to the same level as the Sherline tailstock, which is mounted using the Sherline style t-slots of the tooling plate.

A closeup of the fine finish on the plate and the numerous tapped holes.

The plate is available from High Tech Systems LLC

They also make a tooling plate for the Sherline mill and other accessories for small machine tools.

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