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Here is where I gave up on having links to some of my non-machining related interests. Let's face it, links to generic info are overrated. My blogs and my website pretty much cover who I am. The bits below fill it out.

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I don't get to read much anymore. But I think books are a good thing to have insulating the walls of your home. I think I have 3000 books.


This used to say, "Felice and I rent a lot of movies on VHS", we now watch DVD's on Netflix. We also enjoy TV, which makes us evil.


I like airguns. Ok, sometimes I love them.

Nick's Airgun Tinkering Blog


Here is the Genealogy of my Fathers side of the family.

I don't really care about geneaology, at least I don't take it seriously. Please don't email me to ask if I'll take a DNA test to prove I was from some obscure branch of the Carter family tree. I don't care, for all I know my ancestors were identity thieves who forged baptismal records in order to flee to freedom and a loving wench in the colonies. Seriously. I mainly have this up to keep the recent branches of my family in contact.