A Review of the Taig Compatible Accessories Sold By LittleMachineShop.com

LittleMachineShop.com was kind enough to send me some samples of their Taig compatible machine accessories to review:

#1915 Arbor Sherline/Taig Tooling $34.95

A MT3 arbor with a 3/8"-16 tpi hole tapped in the end for a drawbar (which you supply, I made mine from some all-thread.), and 3/4"-16tpi threads and the 15 deg. taper of the Taig spindle nose.


The arbor in place. I found about .0015" runout, about half of which is attributable to my much abused spindle bore. The hex is for a 1" wrench like the Taig. The threads end in an undercut so that both Sherline and Taig chucks may be used on the arbor.
The taper accepts standard Taig collets and would be useful when milling on a larger lathe.
The Taig 3 Jaw chuck mounted on the arbor. I transferred this work over from the Taig and found about .001 runout between the two. I then turned the piece of steel down a bit more and found the setup to be rigid. This is a great way to take advantage of the Taig soft jaws for various projects on a bigger lathe.
Another view of the chuck threaded onto the arbor. I am sure to find a lot of uses for this accessory in my shop.

#1187 3" 3 jaw Lathe Chuck, $69.00
#1920 3/4"-16 Chuck Adapter (Backplate) $20.00

A standard 3 jaw Chuck with both inside and outside jaws and chuck wrench. The Chuck is steel.

The backplate has holes drilled for the chuck and comes with a washer that allows turning the register portion on the back of the chuck. The backplate is made of cast-iron.

A view of the backplate bolted to the chuck, with the spindle register turned and the face trued. You do this by putting the washer between the backplate and the spindle, and making the register for a tight fit on your spindle. The center boss (not shown) was undersize from the chuck back already so I didn't turn that down at all.
The chuck in place on the Taig. I found that it has about .0025" runout. The chuck is relatively large and I would not run it at the highest speed settings the Taig is capable of. The chuck gripped quite strongly, and held it well for turning. A useful accessory, especially if you need a steel jawed 3 jaw chuck.

#2462 Boring Head Shank Adapter (3/4"-16tpi) for the Taig and Sherline $17.95

This adapter allows you to mount a standard 7/8"-20tpi threaded boring head on the 3/4"-16tpi spindle of a Taig or Sherline.

The neat thing about the adapter is that it does not increase the boring head length significantly, unlike those made that extend the head out from the Taig spindle. It screwed right on my Criterion boring head.
The adapter worked well, this is one of those operations where I wished I had a variable speed motor on the Taig, as with any boring head the mill will vibate a bit from the out of balance load. The bore came out looking smooth.

#1943 T-Slot Nuts (6mm) and Clamping Bars $17.95

A set of step blocks, t-nuts that loosely fit the Taig milling machine t-slots, step clamps, 6mm-1.25 studs and flange nuts.

I found that I did need to upset the bottom threads of the t-nuts in order to keep the studding from poking into the bottom of the t-slot and preventing good clamping. The clamps held quite strongly (for the boring operation, which puts a lot of stress on a setup).
The clamps are a well finished, useful and inexpensive addition to one's clamping hardware. 6mm is close enough to #10-32 that you can use the clamps with #10-32 screws and studding if that's what you already use for clamping.

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