A review of "Make" Magazine

Make: technology on your time


O'Reilley Media, Inc.


As soon as I heard about Make magazine I knew I had to subscribe. The magazine is a fun blend of mechanical and electronic (do people still use that word anymore? I should have used "digital") DIY (do it yourself) projects, essays, software and hardware hacks, musings and sources of information. The premier issue has some low tech projects such as building a Aerial Photography Kite Rig and a $15.00 steady cam mount, and some high tech projects like building a magnetic stripe reader and XM radio hacks. The magazine is sort of a synthesis of Popular Mechanics from the 50's and Byte Magazine from the 80's. If you are (like me) a handy nerd, this is the magazine for you.

You can order the book from Make or Amazon.com

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