A Slightly Improved Motor Mount for the Taig Milling Machine

The location of the adjustment bolt on the stock Taig Milling machine motor mount is a bit inconvenient to access. I built the following mount to swap the position of the slot and pivot, and move both slightly away from the body of the motor. Use your own motor mount as a guide when making one as I found several different versions have been used over the years. The screw holes are all #11, the slot is about .202" wide and the center bore is 1.25" for clearance. If I was smarter I would have radiused the other corners. It was a relatively quick CNC milling and drilling operation. Please improve on this and send me pictures of your solutions...

The underside of the mount. All milling is done from this side. The material is 1/4" thick 6061 aluminum.
The top of the mount.
Now I have clearance for a long allen wrench
The corner does not foul the pulley as it seems, because it is always above the end of the pulley. But I should have radiused it. Dang.
A quick sketch, but please check against your motor mount as it may be different.

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