Sources for Electric Motors for the Taig

As those of you who have ordered Taig lathes from me know, I generally dissuade one from buying the motors Taig sells, as the price is rather high compared to what one might pay for a used or surplus motor. With that in mind, I list the following sources of motors which would work with the Taig

Taig supplies pulley sets which will work with 3/8" and 1/2" shaft motors. You can also get an extra headstock pulley substituted, so that you can use 5/8" shaft motors, just ask me when you order.

Surplus Center, 1-800-488-3407, has a large catalog containing motors, as well as other mechanical surplus items. They have several motors in the 1/10-1/3 h.p. range for less than $50. They also sell a variable speed motor & power supply from a treadmill, which one of my customers successfully adapted to the Taig.

Herbach & Rademan has a similar catalog with a few motors which could be used successfully as well.

Many industrial suppliers also carry reasonably priced new motors, check your local yellow pages

Personally, I think that if you cruise the junkyards, thrift stores, flea markets and yard sales of your area, you can find a motor for between $5 and $20. Maybe it'll be a little dirty, or need new wiring, but you'll be ahead of the game and able to buy more accessories for your new lathe.

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