Taig Mill CNC Mounts

I get a lot of questions about the CNC motor mounts on the Taig Mill, here are some pictures of them.

From Left to Right:

Threaded Leadscrew Bearing Block

Micrometer Dial


CNC motor coupler

Nylock Nut

Notice the holes in the face of the motor coupler for the nylon drive pins
Blurry shot of the 4 drive pins, now made of solid nylon, rather than the old tubing style. Having the pointy ends out makes it easier to align the motor coupler.
Motor coupler half, countersunk to fit over the nylock nut on the leadscrew
Assembled motor mount, note the small gap between coupler halves, adjusted by screwing tubing in or out on threads on leadscrew bearing block. It is easier to do this without the motor mounted, otherwise you have to keep unwrapping the motor cord from itself.
Collar which locks the tube on the threads by by distorting the tube with setscrew. Although it seems a little crude, it works quite well.

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