Machine Shop Essentials: Questions & Answers, 2nd Edition
by Frank Marlow, PE

By Frank M. Marlow
Illustrated by Pamela J. Tallman
Paperback, 528 pages 7" 10"
Publisher: Metal Arts Press
ISBN 0-9759963-0-4

Price: $44.95

In "Machine Shop Essentials: Questions and Answers, Second Edition" Frank Marlow has improved on his book that spans the gap between a textbook of machine shop instruction and a home shop hobbyist's manual. Most machine shop textbooks are relics of a bygone era and aimed at running larger machines in a production environment and most hobbyist books are only oriented at the use of tabletop machines, not at general shop practice. This book contains content that will teach one how to run a variety of machines and how to handle most basic and advanced machine shop projects. Unlike formal textbooks the book's format is one of questions and answers, such as "What are the essential measuring and marking tools and how are they used?", "What do drill bushings do?", "What is trepanning and why is it used?" and "How are internal dovetails milled?". After each question Frank engages in a clear description of the process and the tools required. The writing is informal and non-technical yet contains good practice and full information for each of the questions asked. The examples in the book make use of several levels of machine tools from Sherline benchtop machines to Bridgeport milling machines and Clausing engine lathes. The book is copiously illustrated with over 500 line drawings which clearly show the ideas presented in the text. The Second edition contains additional information on a variety of subjects, such as adjustable reamers, drill extensions, collets, taper turning and milling operations. The appendix has expanded as well with useful information. "Machine Shop Essentials, Questions & Answers, Second Edition" with its thorough grounding in basic and advanced machine shop practice is a useful text to add to any machinist's library.

I have included notes about each chapter below in the table of contents. You can order the book from Metal Arts Press or

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Measurement Tools, Layout & Job Planning
Chapter 2 Basic Hand Tools
Chapter 3 Filing & Sawing
Chapter 4 Grinding, Reaming, Broaching & Lapping
Chapter 5 Drills & Drilling Operations
Chapter 6 Threads & Threading
Chapter 7 Turning Operations
Chapter 8 Milling Operations
Chapter 9 Fastening Methods
Chapter 10 Machine Shop Steel Metallurgy
Chapter 11 Safety & Good Shop Practices
Chapter 12 Other Shop Know-how
Appendix I Sharpening Steel Lathe Tools
Appendix II Surface Speed Table & Cutting Tool Selector Chart
Appendix III Decimal Equivalents of Fractional, Letter & Metric Drills Glossary Index
Appendix IV Shaft Fit Allowances
Appendix V R8 & 5C Collet Dimensions

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