"Machine Shop Trade Secrets"
by James A. Harvey


Machine Shop Trade Secrets
A Guide to Manufacturing Machine Shop Practices
By James A. Harvey
Pub. ProShopPublishing
ISBN 0-9743897-6-5
311 pages softcover
11" x 8-1/2"

In "Machine Shop Trade Secrets", James Harvey has written an excellent book that fills a void in current metalworking instructional books. Most textbooks are aimed at the beginner in the machining trade and cover basic work practice admirably. What textbooks do not do is sit you down with a veteran of the trade who can fill you in on the tips and tricks that allow working faster, accurately and intelligently. In the past, magazines like "Popular Mechanics" would feature tricks and tips from working machinists, but sadly those days are long gone and there is no source of such tips aimed at current day practice. What amazed me is at how all these tips are not recycled versions of the ones we are all familiar with (as published by Lindsay's books and others) but are new tips, all useful and pertinent to the tools and methods of today.

I have read the book twice already, some of the tips had me thinking, "why didn't I think of that?" and others had me thinking, "I would never have thought of that!". Sharing the book with some machinist friends one evening ended in me pulling the book out of their hands as they digested one useful time saving idea after another. The book is spare on filler and is basically a list, divided up into chapters, of everything that Jim does when working in the shop. He has illustrated the ideas with 230 B&W pictures that plainly show exactly what he is talking about.

The tips on squaring the sides of a block on the mill without the aid of a square, using a dowel pin as a workstop on a CNC mill, dressing the edges of work and resharpening reamers on the surface grinder are alone worth the price of the book. I would buy this book whether I was just starting out in the trade, an experienced hand or just a home shop machinist, there is something in here for everyone to learn.

I have included notes about each chapter below in the table of contents. You can order the book from ProShop Publishing's website. or from Amazon.com

Table of Contents

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