What Do You Need?

I have a pretty stock list of questions I ask about your needs on the lathe - let me know your answers and we'll try to put together some package options.

  1. What is the largest diameter work you will need to turn on the lathe?
  2. What is the length of that largest diameter part?
  3. What is the smallest diameter work you will turn on the lathe?
  4. What is the longest length you will need to turn on the lathe (Taig max. 9" but 5.5" max carriage travel in one pass.)?

  5. Will you be cutting short tapers on the workpiece (using the #1200 top slide, or offsetting the tailstock)?
  6. Will you be using taps and dies to cut threads on parts turned on the lathe? (This is the only way to make threads on the Taig.)?

  7. What size drills will you be using (min/max dia.)?
  8. Do you want drill chucks for those size drills, or do you already have one or more (Taig uses common 3/8-24 thread mount)?

  9. What materials (brass, steel, plastic, etc.) will you be turning on the lathe?
  10. What are the shapes you want to chuck? rounds, hexes, squares, rectangular, and freeform shapes all have different chucking options.

  11. Do you want to buy the motor Taig sells? Or will you be supplying a 1/8 to 1/3 h.p. motor yourself?
  12. Will you want the mounting board and/or motor bracket Taig sells or do you choose to make your own mounting setup?

  13. Will you want to have the ability to do milling & drilling of workpieces mounted on the crosslide & milling attachment?
  14. Do you have a bench grinder for sharpening bits?
  15. Do you want preground bits?

  16. Are you comfortable assembling the kit version of the lathe or do you want the fully assembled version?
  17. Do you want the optional power feed version?
  18. Do you want the ER16 spindle instead of the standard one? (great for small work held in collets, less tooling available, a bit more expensive)
  19. About how much do you want to spend on the lathe?

  20. What machinist tools do you currently own (micrometers, dial indicators, etc.) and what machining experience do you have?
  21. What do you plan on doing with the lathe (model steam engines, small instrument parts, maintenance, etc.)?

For the mill:

  1. What is the maximum size piece that you will make on the mill X" x Y" x Z" ?
  2. Will you be using the mill for drilling holes?
  3. Will you be converting to CNC is the near future, do you want the CNC version?
  4. If you want the CNC version what CAD and CAM programs will you be using?
  5. Do You have a lathe, and what manufacturer?
  6. Will you want end mills, and what size?

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