8" Long Replacement Tailstock Lever

Like many users, I rapidly grew tired of the small tailstock lever on the Taig lathe. I decided to make my own replacement lever, which is 8" long, to replace the 4.75" long Taig stock lever. I made some tooling to drill the holes, so I can now make them for anyone who doesn't want to make one themselves. I have included a drawing for those who want a fun and easy project.

The replacement levers are made of 1/8" thick 1/2" wide cold rolled steel, and replace the lever on all but the earliest makes of Taig lathe.

Price : $10.00 w/ free shipping in an letter size envelope, add $5.85 for priority mail.

The top lever is the stock Taig lever, 4.75" long. The bottom lever is the replacement I make, 8" long.
The replacement lever mounted on my lathe.
The only critical dimension is the distance between the holes, and the distance from the hole centers to the edge. All dimensions are +/- .010" Round over all sharp corners.

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