Taig Lathe Ordering Information

How to Order

Send me an email with what you want to order. I will get back to you with any questions or thoughts I have about your items, and confirm the price. Then you can pay (see payment instructions). I will email you when your payment is received and order your items from the factory. The factory will send me a tracking number when the item ships, which I will forward to you.

Feel free to e-mail me with any questions about the Taig. I only want you to buy the Taig product if it is right for your application. I will always be available for technical help via. e-mail whether you ordered from me or bought it elsewhere.

Discount From List Prices

Orders receive a 10% discount on all lathe, accessory and spare parts items except for items noted as NET PRICE, such as motors and a few other items. Additional restrictions apply to some of the items bundled with the CNC mills as well.

Manual milling machines, CNC ready mills and CNC mills receive a 10% discount except where noted as explained above.

Shipping Costs

Shipping Method:

All orders ship via UPS ground. Always include a phone# with your order for UPS! If you need it to go via post office, it will have to be forwarded through me. Taig is far from the post office and it is too hard for them to ship most orders that way. For very small orders (for example, one belt) they may still ship from the factory. Any order sent by post office will take longer, and cost extra. I have found that special requests for other shippers, pickup at the factory, partial payment, COD, etc. are too cumbersome to work with and I will not accept orders under those conditions.

Shipping Costs on orders within the 48 continental United States via UPS ground:

Taig Micro Lathes, Accessories and Spare Parts:
Orders up to $99.99 (pre discount) pay $13.00 shipping
Orders from $100.00 to $199.99 pay $16.00 shipping
Orders from $200.00 to $299.99 pay $20.00 shipping
Orders from $300.00 to $499.99 pay $35.00 shipping
Orders from $500.00 up pay $45.00 shipping

Manual, CNC ready, CNC Milling Machines, CNC lathes:
East Coast (includes Florida and coastal South) $100.00
South and Midwest $65.00
Northwest $65.00
California and Southwest $55.00

Motors (either mill or lathe motors) ordered without other accessories may result in an additional shipping surcharge of  $10.00

Shipping on orders to Alaska, Hawaii and other U.S. territories via UPS ground:

I have to get a quote from the factory for shipping, please include your full address. See above for orders going by US Mail.

Shipping on orders to Canada:

Taig has decided not to ship internationally for their dealers (they will ship for their own customers). They will no longer accept orders from dealers for international shipping from the factory anywhere outside of the U.S. I have stocked a small inventory so I can ship some items directly from here. Being as I am 1/2 Canadian, I will offer the following options for Canadian orders:

You can order directly from the factory (in other words, not through me, at no discount)
I can have the items shipped here, then forward them up to you, this will add to the shipping cost.
You can have them shipped to friends or family in the U.S.
You can look into a forwarder on the border.

I have decided not to ship Taig Milling Machines to Canada, as it just takes too much time, storage and effort to mail out such large packages - I will continue to do my best to ship accessories and lathes as they take up less room and are lighter - thanks for understanding. You should either order Taig Milling Machines direct from the factory or through Andrew Werby (below)

Other International Shipping

I do not ship anywhere but the U.S. and Canada, but here is a dealer who will:

Andrew Werby United Artworks
8730 E.Street Oakland, CA 94621
510-568-7689 Fax
Andrew's Website


All Payment by Cheque or Money Order, or Paypal. I will hold your cheque until it clears, then tell the factory to ship.

Make cheques and Money Orders payable to: Nicholas Carter

Prices subject to change without notice (although I will notify you). Please do not expect overnight service, especially on the CNC mills, which can take up to several weeks depending on the current status at the factory. Always ask about backorder time on the mills before ordering!

Always include full UPS shippable address, phone number, and a copy of your order. I will email you when payment is received. I usually fax the order into the factory the day after I receive payment. Taig notifies me when your items are being shipped, and then provides a tracking number.

Send Payment to :
Nicholas Carter
25360 Oak Lane
Philomath, Oregon

Contact Information

Nicholas Carter
25360 Oak Lane
Philomath, Oregon

email: felice@casco.net

alternate email: cartertools@gmail.com

If you need to phone me:

I can be reached most days at 541-929-6006. Please don't call before 10:00AM Pacific Time (That's 1:00PM EST!) or after 10:00PM Pacific Time. I prefer to do business via email as it's generally easier to answer questions with proper references before me, and to have the time to compose answers. I am pretty busy, so try not to call unless you have some concrete questions....Thanks.

If you want to stop by the shop:

I have some Taig items in stock, (call for availability), if you want to come by and check things out, and see the machines in the flesh, just give me a call. I am in the middle of the Willamette valley about halfway between Portland and Eugene, 10 miles from Corvallis, just outside Philomath.

When I don't get back to you:

I sometimes get people wondering why an email will go unanswered for up to a day. Generally I will email you back within a few hours of receiving an email, but sometimes there are delays. I check my email every two to four hours. I'm trying to take the weekends off. I sometimes have to go out or I will atrophy , so there are random days where I'm playing with my kids, enjoying Oregon, shopping for food, doing one of the many chores life demands, etc. If you send repeated emails over several days and do not get an answer, call me as there is something wrong. If I am on a rare vacation, it will say so at the top of my main Taig page.

Warranty Information

If you have a problem, contact me first. I will either solve your problem, or direct you to contact the factory for parts or returns. All returns are handled by the factory, do not send me any items unless I tell you to. Taig does a good job of satisfying every customer.

Taig will accept returns for any reason within 14 days of receiving an item, less shipping and a 10% restocking fee.

All items are warranteed for 2 years by the factory.

To protect myself against ubiquitous intenet scams, if a refund is asked on an unshipped order, especially with a cashiers check, I reserve the right to wait until that the check has cleared the issuing bank, which can take upwards of 2 to 8 weeks.

Never call Taig to check on the status of your order, and always email or call me before contacting them!

e-mail Nicholas Carter
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