Modifying the Taig Steady Rest #1190 to Use Roller Bearings.

A pretty simple modification.

Some bearings from my scrap bin. I decided on the three above with a 1/2" OD. Both have 3/16" ID, and will fit snugly on some #10-32 screws (others not as well and you may need to take off a couple of thou to make them fit)
The #1190 steady rest disassembled.
Using the steady rest as a fixture to hold the arm for the drilling operation. Note that I am doing this to the non pointed end so the steady rest may still be used normally.
I setup a stop so each would be drilled in the same place and found the center of the rod with an edge finder.
Centerdrilling for the hole

Drilling #21 for a #10-32 tap. Then the steady finger is removed and another one inserted against the stop.

Milling the ends of the fingers flat so the bearing rests against them evenly. After this tap the holes #10-32 and assemble the bearings on the screws.
Using the new roller steady rest, It took me longer to write this up than it did for me to make the modification.

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