Sherline CNC Rotary Table Manual Handcrank Adapter

I whipped up this adapter for using a Sherline CNC ready rotary table with a manual handcrank.
Basic dimensions of the plate. Drill the clearance holes for the #8 screw oversize so you have wiggle room. The bearing hole should be a press fit w/ whatever bearing you make.
Need to make a plate that couples that crank with the stepper mount. The stepper mount is tapped.
Some scrap plate cut roughly to size before milling. I think it was .156" thick. You could use any thickness you wanted.
Milling to size.
Finding edges.
Drilling the mount holes.
Turning the bearing from Acetal. Brass or any other bearing material would work.
Scribing an index mark.
Drilling the hole. If I had planned better I would have gone with a 3/8" hole & 3/8" bearing minor OD. I had to use a stubby drill for a 1/2" hole...
Filing a flat on a length of 1/4" steel shaft for the setscrew that couples the shaft to the shaft coupler.
Mounted. If you use something slippery for the bearing you may need to add a dab of glue or in my case a couple of prick marks inside the bore of the plate to keep it snug.
Now the CNC ready rotary table can be used manually.
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