Sherline Rotary Table to Taig Mill Adapter Plate

Here is a simple adapter to use the Sherline CNC and manual rotary tables on the Taig Milling Machine.

I also sell this part ready made here, and you can see the Sherline Rotary Tables and accessories I have for sale here.

adapter drawing

Click on the drawing to download the .dxf file

Use 3/8" thick aluminum to allow the use of the sherline tailstock directly mounted to the Taig milling machine table. If you use thicker material you will have to add a spacer for the tailstock.

The holes should be #10 screw clearance, I actually milled them .2" dia. Make sure the counterbore allows the screw head to sit beneath the surface of the plate. You could certainly use flat head or button head screws if you prefer.

rotary table underside The bottom (assuming you are using the table vertically) of the rotary table has 4 threaded holes with setscrews - remove the setscrews.
adapter plate The milled plate.
adapter plate mounted to roatary table The plate mounted to the table. Make sure the screws you use are just long enough to thread securely into the rotary table, I used 3/8" long (3/8" of thread) #10 SHCS.
rotary table mounted to Taig mill The rotary table mounted. If you wanted to make the slots for 1/4"-20 screws, feel free, I decided #10 screws would be fine.
another view Another view of the mount.


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