Aligning the Taig Tailstock

#1 Quick and easy alignment

Bring the tailstock up to the headstock and clamp.

Slack the tailstock adjustment clamp.

Insert the ram into the headstock bore and let it self align as the cone of the dead center meets the cone of the headstock.

Tighten the tailstock adjustment clamp. This method is quick and easy and relatively good for most work.

#2 Easy alignment.

Chuck up a piece of scrap in the chuck and center drill.

Now you have a nice 60 degree hole dead center.

Align the tailstock to this hole as in #1.

You can use a blank collet for this method, and it should be repeatable when you remove and replace the collet.
#3 Sweep the ram with an indicator mounted in the headstock. It should read the same on both sides. If it is high on top, shim the headstock, if it is low on top, shim the tailstock between the base and body. This is a good method but time consuming.

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