A Review of the TS Engineering Modular Vise

Rene Teo of TS Engineering was sent me one of his new modular vises to try out. I wish he'd sent me three or four as this is a very useful piece of tooling. The vise is much better than the stock Taig vise and although a toolmakers screwless vise is more accurate, this vise is more versatile and takes up less space. One of the best new aftermarket products I've seen for the Taig Mill. It could also be used on any other small mill, and certainly would work great in a larger machining center. 

Unfortunately it seems that Mr. Teo has dropped off of the internet, and I have no idea if anyone still makes this vise. Pity...

The TS Engineering Modular Vise. Will hold work up to 5.75" long. The vise is 1.45" tall, giving it a low profile and not taking up valuable z-height on the mill. The vise is 2" wide and two could be placed side to side lengthwise on the table of the mill.
There is a ball bearing pressed into the moveable jaw so the screw doesn't mar the jaw. Both the front and back units can be moved anywhere along the vise and another screw unit can be placed at the other end and work doubled up in the vise, with the fixed jaw in the middle.
The screw and fixed jaws are held to the dovetail by two setscrew actuated plungers. The jaws are machinable and replaceable inexpensively so that you can fixture an infinite variety of workpieces.
The vise setup on the mill table.
Three slots that accept #10 socket head cap screws for mounting to the table.
A 3" x 5" piece of UHMW securely held in the vise. I couldn't have done this with any of my other vises.

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