"Welding Essentials: Questions and Answers" Review
by William Galvery and Frank Marlow

By William Galvery and Frank M. Marlow
Illustrated by Pamela J. Tallman
Paperback, 480 pages
Dimensions: 7 10 1 inches
Publisher: Industrial Press Inc.
Expanded First Edition, 2001
ISBN 0-8311-3151-9


"Welding Essentials: Questions and Answers" is an excellent welding textbook. Like the other "Essentials" books it is written in a format of easily understood questions and answers, such as "How do you convert an oxyacetylene welding outfit into an oxyacetylene cutting one?", "What is the difference betwen brazing and braze welding?", "How should an arc be re-started on an existing weld?", "What are the advantages of helium over argon?" and "What metallurgical processes occur in welding?". Each answer goes into great depth, leaving the reader with far more knowledge than the usual welding books. The book is clear, concise and exhaustive in the treatment of all facets of welding. After reading this book you will have a thorough understanding of all the techniques, tools and science of welding as currently practiced. A great book for the beginner and a good refresher for the experienced.

You can order the book from Metal Arts Press or Amazon.com

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