Cue Lathe FAQ

I get a lot of inquiries from Cue Lathe makers wanting to know about the Taig Lathe.
There is some confusion about the Taig and whether it is the same as the Cue Smith lathe sold by Cue Man.
I hope this FAQ will clear up some of the questions.

Q: Do you sell cue lathes?
A: No. I sell the Taig Micro Lathe II. It looks like this:
Taig Micro Lathe II

Q: Is the lathe available with a longer bed?
A: No. The standard Bed is about 16" long, giving you about 9" between centers, max.

Q: Can I buy extra steel dovetail beds and make one long bed from pieces?
A: The bed is assembled with a steel top screwed to an aluminum channel extrusion, then filled with concrete. After the concrete has cured the bed is finish machined.
You can buy spare beds, however you will find it difficult if not nearly impossible to align and connect several beds together. It is not recommended. The height of the lathe is not precise, only the steel ground surface and dovetail are finished to a standard.

Q: Do you know where I can buy long beds?
A: No. I don't know where people get them from.

Q:  How big of a piece fits through the hole in the Taig lathe spindle?
A:  5/16"

Q: Doesn't Taig make a larger spindle?
A: Yes, they make the:
      H100-00 $69.90 Headstock with .593" (just over 9/16") bore
      It needs to be bought with a larger bore pulley as well:
      Pulley for that bore           HI1166  9.05
      The Pulley loses the highest speed vee groove.
      This headstock does not allow the use of collets and is relatively weak as the walls are thin. I can supply it but alone it won't help you do cue work
      on the Taig as you still need a longer bed, etc. So unless you really have a clear idea of what you are going to do, don't order it.

Q: What about that 1-3/8" bore gigantic headstock and 3 jaw chuck used on the Deluxe Cue Smith Lathe?
A: I can't get those.

Q: Are the pinion gears used on the Taig the same as on the Cue Smith?
A: Apparently not as I just learned from a customer. And no, I can't get any other size pinion gears.

Q: Can you get a steady rest that uses bushings to support the cue?
A: The only steady rest I offer is the 1190. It looks like this:
1190 steady rest

Q: Do you recommend the Taig lathe for cue work?
A: No. I suggest either buying a Cue Smith lathe or getting a larger metalworking lathe. Also check with MidAmerica Pool for
longer beds and parts. Or CustomCueLathes...

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