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I decided not to carry Sherline tables and tailstocks anymore, they are available from the Sherline factory directly at the same price as I offer so there's really no point anymore. I still reccemend them as a great way to add a 4th axis to the Taig mill. I'll leave the page up in case that ever changes..

 I still have right angle mounts available to adapt the Sherline Rotary Tables to the Taig Mill, as well as plans to build your own.

3700 Rotary Table 8 lb. 

A rotary table used in conjunction with a mill allows a machinist to produce virtually any part he can design. The only limits are size, not complexity. Sherline’s rotary table is a precision piece of equipment that has been designed to work with Sherline’s vertical milling machines; however, it can be used on any mill whenever the small 4-inch size would be an advantage. The table is 2" high and 4" (100mm) in diameter. The main components have been machined from solid bar stock steel, and the complete unit weighs seven pounds. The table has been engraved with a laser, giving sharp and precise lines every 5, numbered every 15. These lines are calibrated with the 72-tooth worm gear that is driven by the handwheel. The handwheel is divided into 50 parts, making each line on the handwheel 1/10. This allows a circle to be divided into 3600 increments without interpolation. Seventy-two revolutions of the handwheel rotate the table one revolution. The table T-slots are identical to those used on the Sherline mill and lathe, making the vast line of Sherline tooling available for use with this product. Two hold-down clamps and T-nuts are provided with the table. Also included is an adapter that allows Sherline’s 3- and 4-jaw chucks to be mounted directly to the rotary table.

See Sherline's catalog description of the item

3700CNC CNC-ready 4" Rotary Table 8 lb. 

Sherline has taken its P/N 3700 manual 4" rotary table and applied a stepper motor mount with dampened coupling in place of the handwheel. The mount accepts a #23 frame size stepper motor for CNC control. This allows the table to be used as a 4th axis with CNC systems that have the capability to drive a rotary axis.


See Sherline's catalog description of the item

3702 Right Angle Adjustable Tailstock 2 lb. 

The adjustable right angle tailstock supports the end of long stock held in the rotary table when it is in the vertical position. This allows you to accurately rotate a part between centers for milling or drilling operations. Because of "tolerance buildup" in the various parts used to place the rotary table in the 90 position, it is not possible to build a tailstock that would come out exactly on center each time. By using a split base design with slightly oversize holes, the height of the tailstock center is adjustable slightly. Once set to exactly match your rotary table/right angle attachment combination, it should not need to be readjusted.

See Sherline's catalog description of the item

Sherline Rotary Table Adapter Plate for the Taig Mill. I make these plates to adapt the Sherline rotary table to the Taig mill bed.

(Not a Sherline item)

$30.00 postpaid, $25.00 with purchase of a rotary table.

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