Specifications of the Taig Micro Lathe II

The Assembled Taig Lathe with 1150 tailstock, 1050 3 jaw chuck, 1097D tool bit, 1023 mounting board, 1162 pulley set and 1092 drill chuck
Swing over bed 4.5"
Swing over crosslide 2.375"
Overall length of bed 15.5"
Overall length of lathe 16.5"*
Bed Construction Ground Steel Dovetailed Ways on Concrete Filled Aluminum Extrusion
Bed Mounting Cantilevered Instument Lathe Style
Bed Width 2-5/16"
Headstock Normality to Bed .0004" max. error
Cross slide Normality to Bed .0004" max. error
Max. taper bed dovetail .0001"
Dovetail Angles 45 deg. All Slides
Gib Type Bronze (Brass?) 3 setscrew Horizontal adjustment, 2 Vertical Locking Screws
Tool bit size .25"
Distance between centres 9.75"
Carriage Travel** 9", .60" per handwheel revolution
Carriage Material Aluminum Casting
Crosslide Travel 2.25", .050" per handle revolution
Crosslide Dial Divisions .050" in .001" steps (50 divisions)
Bearing Size OD 1.5748" (40mm)
ID .6692" (17mm)
Max Bearing Runout .0004
Spindle Nose thread 3/4"-16 SAE
Spindle Nose register .75" dia., .10" length
Spindle Hole .343"
Spindle Taper 15 deg. included
Collet Type 15 deg. self releasing, threaded spindle nose closer***
Max Collet ID 5/16"****
Headstock Pulley Bore 5/8"
Standard Speed rpm 525-5300, six steps, Max. 7000 rpm. (525,825,1300,2100,3350,5300)
Tailstock Chuck Integral Mount 3/8"-24 tpi.
Tailstock spindle travel 1.2"
T-slot locations Crosslide(2), back side of Headstock and Tailstock (1),Top of Headstock(2), Front side of Headstock(1), Top of Tailstock(2),Compound & Milling Slide(2)
T-slot Nut Standard 10-32 Square Nut

*This doesn't include the space taken up by a motor
**This is deceptive, with the 4 jaw chuck on, the actual travel between the fully extended tailstock centre and the 4 jaw chuck jaws, without moving the toolpost on the slide (which allows you to take several cuts at different points on the work) is 5.875"
***Thus work can be fed through the spindle, unlike a drawbar closing mechanism.
****5/16" collet is not bored through, 9/32" collet is the largest that can have stock fed through.

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