Sherline Rotary Table to Taig Mill Adapter Plate

Because of demand I decided to produce a right angle adapter for the Sherline Rotary Table that allows it to be used on the Taig mill.

If you would rather make your own, I have a drawing and details of construction here. 

The price is $30.00 with free shipping in the USA. Email me to order. When ordered with a rotary table, the price is $25.00

The Plate is 3.25" x 4" and .382" thick, made from sawn plate and black anodized. It comes with 4 socket head cap screws to mount the rotary table. The elongated slots allow mounting in a variety of positions, and will accept #10 screws. You have to supply your own hardware for mounting to the table.

The underside of the plate.
The plate mounted to the Sherline Rotary Table.

The Sherline Rotary Table mounted to the Taig Mill table.

(Again, you must supply your own mounting screws and t-nuts)

The Right Angle adapter allows the use of the Sherline Tailstock mounted directly to the Taig Mill table.


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