New Taig Lathe Kit Assembly

This four page article shows the various stages and techniques in assembling the Taig Lathe Kit K1019

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Slide the carriage on and loosen the gib adjustemnt lock screws.
Tighten the screws evenly so that it slides but has no play.
The thumbscrew should lock the carriage when tightened, but allow it to slide when loose.
On to the cross slide.
Loosen the gib locking screws.
Loosen the gib screws.
Slide the slide off and remove the gib.
Screw the screws in - this will remove any burrs left in the hole.
Adjust the gib screws. The gib locking screws should be slack.
Snug up the gib locking screws, this may take several iterations as this usually tightens things up a bit, and then you have to adjust the gibs again.
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