New Taig Lathe Kit Assembly

This four page article shows the various stages and techniques in assembling the Taig Lathe Kit K1019

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The cross slide screw assembly. Unscrew the lead screw nut (left hand).
There is usually a burr in the hole and the nut post may be a bit tight, some creative deburring will make assembly easier.
The mounting hole and the nut, you want the long end facing away from the front of the lathe. 
Tapped in with a mallet.
Screw in the cross slide screw assembly.
That ring provides a zero mark.
Screw the cross slide on.
Oil everything with either 20 or 30 wt oil or better yet, way oil.
Test for smooth travel. Adjust gibs, tweak the nut alignment, etc to make smooth.
These steps aren't needed, but here just in case you need to adjust the dial. Remove dial lock screw.
Dial setscrew.
Leadscrew end. The flat is for the dial setscrew to bear against.
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