New Taig Lathe Kit Assembly

This four page article shows the various stages and techniques in assembling the Taig Lathe Kit K1019

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Carriage pinion, eccentric, etc.
The eccentric.
Insert the eccentric bushing in the carriage. Make sure the thick side is against the locking screw.
The pinion sticks out the bushing.
For some reason the groove that was used for the c-clip doesn't extend past the bushing anymore. I think they have a ton of the pinions with this old feature.
The c-clip slides on (it takes a while to line it up and get it on, be patient...) but doesn't hit the groove. I usually leave the c-clip off anyway as it makes cleaning easier.
How everything should look.
Adjust the eccentric so that the pinion grabs a piece of paper between it and the rack.
I used pliers, gently(!)
That's how the toolpost mounts...
Depth stop in place on the headstock.
One screw through the clamping shoe locks the headstock in place.
You may need to debur the inside of the headstock pulley where the setscrew comes through.
One way to immobilize the spindle.
So I can file a flat on the headstock shaft. Not mandatory but it makes it easier to remove the pulley later.
Tightening the pulley setscrew. That's it!
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