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Updated December 3rd, 2016

The Assembled Taig Lathe with 1150 tailstock, 1050 3 jaw chuck, 1097D tool bit, 1023 mounting board, 1162 pulley set and 1092 drill chuck

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  L1017 $207.00
Micro Lathe II basic unit, factory assembled with tool post and carriage depth stop (Pulleys and tailstock not included) 15" bed.
Both L1017 and K1019 are the bare bones lathe. To use the lathe you do need the pulleys and tailstock as well as chucks, etc. as shown above.
L1017ER$260.00Micro Lathe II basic unit, factory assembled with Hardened ER16 Spindle, tool post and carriage depth stop 15" bed.
Uses ER collets, most accessories marked ER, does not use 3/4"-16 thread mount accessories.

Assembled Lathe w/power feed, with Hardened ER16 Spindle, 1/2" pulley set, 20" belt and mounting board.Uses ER collets, most accessories marked ER, does not use 3/4"-16 thread mount accessories.
K1019 $171.10
Unassembled Micro Lathe II kit, headstock pre-assembled, no machining necessary (Pulleys and tailstock not included) 15" bed.
See an assembly guide here.
K1019ER$224.00Unassembled Micro Lathe II kit with Hardened ER16 SpindleUses ER collets, most accessories marked ER, does not use 3/4"-16 thread mount accessories.

L1015 $319.10 Assembled Lathe w/power feed, pulley set and mounting board. (no motor or motor mount) This is the L1017 lathe but with the power feed option instead of the rack style manual feed, with the pulley set and mounting board. You will still need a motor, motor mount, chucks, etc.
Assembled Lathe w/power feed, with Hardened ER16 Spindle, 1/2" pulley set, 20" belt and mounting board.
Uses ER collets, most accessories marked ER, does not use 3/4"-16 thread mount accessories.
K1016 $128.10 Power feed retrofit kit for existing lathe. (See here for details of retrofit kit and procedures) The retrofit for existing lathes. This requires either that the lathe bed be remounted with the foot at the tailstock end or that the channel that holds the rack on the lathe be machined off.
$120.80 Marathon Motor 115v 60 HZ 1725 RPM 1/4 HP, 1/2" shaft prewired with switch and cord, net price,no discount available A 1/4hp motor which is the optimum size for this lathe. Note than many less expensive motors are available on the surplus market. This motor is currently supplied with a cord or switch, prewired. There is no discount on motors.
$5.80 Motor mount bracket with necessary hardware, fits above motor and nema 48 frame motors Basically a metal plate, drilled for nema 48 bolt hole mounting, which hinges on two screws set into the mounting board. See this article on its use.
$8.40 Mounting board 12" x 18" used for No. 1021W motor (motor mount bracket not included) recommended, use 3M 500 belt The mounting boards are simple pieces of laminated particle board, predrilled for mounting the Taig in one of the two configurations. Generally the 1023 is recommended with the 1021W motor. See the top of this page for an example.
$8.40 Mounting board 8" x 24" (motor mount bracket not included) not recommended, use 3M 315 belt  
$4.00 Depth stop for workpiece in chuck The depth stop mounts in the spindle bore, and is used to provide a stop for work when held in a chuck. This allows a number of pieces to be faced or turned in the same place, referencing off of the stop.
4 jaw 3 1/4" dia. chuck 3/4-16 thd mount jaws adjusted independently (reversable heat treated steel jaws)

The 4 jaw chuck is the most versatile chuck. It can hold round stock with absolute accuracy when used in conjunction with a dial indicator, can hold stock eccentric to it's center for making eccentrics, can chuck square and rectangular stock, for turning and facing, often faster than a mill could accomplish it. The jaws are reversable and capable of a wide range of grip. If you can only buy one chuck, get this one instead of the 3 jaw chuck.

Here's How to True work in the 4 Jaw Chuck.

$9.95 Lathe Dog, holds work piece while turning between centers.

A clamp style lathe dog for use in turning between centers

Here's an article on turning between centers on the Taig lathe.

$16.80 Face plate 3 1/4" dia. 3/4-16 thd mount The Face Plate is a 3.25" diameter steel disc which mounts on the headstock of the lathe. It has a t-slot running across the center of the face. Work can be held with home made hold downs, using either the t-slots, or by tapping holes in the faceplate.
$6.50 Face plate angle bracket set Used for holding work to the faceplate, the angles are true right angles for all sorts of setup options.
$8.90 Face plate, 2" dia. 3/4-16 thd mount Used to mount blocks of wood to the lathe, they are undrilled, and may be drilled to suit the user.
$11.90 Face plate, 3 holes, 2" dia. (wood turners) Same as 1037 with three holes drilled in the faceplate for mounting wood.
$27.90 4 inch swivel joint tool rest (wood turners) A simple tool rest for hand turning wood or other materials on the Taig lathe.
$34.80 Collet set, collet closer with 8 collet sizes 1/8,5/32,3/16,7/32,1/4,9/32,5/16 and one blank The collet set is used for chucking small diameter rods of the diameters listed. The collet set allows speed and accuracy in those ranges. stock can be fed through the headstock into the collet for production work. They are also used for holding endmills, burrs and router bits in milling operations.
$5.20 1/8 collet  
$5.20 5/32 collet  
$5.20 3/16 collet  
$5.20 7/32 collet  
$5.20 1/4 collet  
$5.20 9/32 collet  
$5.20 5/16 collet Not bored all the way through unlike the other collets.
$7.30 Collet closer Use a 7/8" wrench to tighten
$3.20 4 blank collets furnished unslotted for making special arbors (may be bored and slotted) The blank collets are for making sizes not manufactured by Taig. They are difficult to slit, especially if one does not have access to a milling machine, but can be used advantageously in special operations. They can also be modified to function as a headstock center, or a depth stop.
1045ER $28.70 ER16 Collet Adapter. Screws onto standard Taig 3/4"-16 spindle to allow the use of ER16 collets for milling and workholding.

This adapter screws onto the Taig lathe spindle and allows the use of ER16 collets such as those used on the Taig milling machine.

The collets can be used to hold endmills for use with the lathe milling attachment. Because of the 1/32" range of collapse from nominal size for ER16 collets it can also be used to hold drill bits and other odd tooling.

It can also be used for workholding and has a greater range than the standard Taig collets. Accuracy is between .001"-.002" runout when screwed onto the spindle.

$68.75 3 Jaw 3 1/4" dia. self centering scroll chuck (steel body) with reversable aluminum soft jaws 3/4-16 thd. This is a simple three jaw chuck, a lever inserted in the chuck body moves the jaws open and closed, guided by an internal scroll. Unlike most small lathe chucks, it has aluminum soft chuck jaws. For general use, a small washer (supplied) is held in the back of the chuck jaws to take up scroll backlash, and the jaws are bored to run true. Any three jaw chuck will never be without runout at all possible diameters, due to variabilities in wear on the scroll mechanism. It will run exactly true at the diameter that the jaws are bored out to. Thus for repetitive chucking work, the chuck can be bored for that size and be just as accurate as a collet chuck. Also steps can be machined for larger work, discs and the like. They can even be drilled and tapped for stops, or hold downs for odd shaped work. Extra Jaws are available, as are "full circle" or "pie" jaws which can be used for holding thin, delicate disc shapes with minimal distortion from clamping pressure.
1050ER$72.00ER16 spindle 3 Jaw 3 1/4" dia. self centering scroll chuck Fits the CNC lathe and ER spindle lathe. (22mm x 1.5mm thread).
$9.90 Additional blank soft jaw set for 3 jaw chuck Extra jaws for the 1050 for replacement or special fixturing
$9.70 Full circle soft jaw set for 3 jaw chuck Used for holding thin, delicate disc shapes with minimal distortion from clamping pressure. Jaws are bored to whatever diameter is useful.
$76.20 4 Jaw 3 1/4" dia. self centering scroll chuck (steel body) with aluminum soft jaws 3/4-16 thd. The 4 jaw self centering scroll chuck is identical to the 3 jaw chuck, except it has 4 jaws 90 degrees apart. For woodworking and production chucking of square stock. It uses the same soft jaws as the 3 jaw chuck, and can be bored or turned for special workholding. It is the same chuck sold by Carbatech and other wood lathe manufacturers.
$41.10 0-1/4" Jacobs drill chuck, industrial quality 3/8-24 thd. An accurate rugged 1/4" capacity jacobs chuck, for the most demanding small work.
$11.50 0-1/4" Jacobs drill chuck, commercial quality 3/8-24 thd.  
$11.80 1/16-3/8" Jacobs drill chuck, commercial quality 3/8-24 thd. These three chucks, while not quite as rugged at the commercial duty chuck, all will hold drills in their range accurately. These are the chucks most commonly used on electric drills.
$17.90 1/8-1/2" Jacobs drill chuck, commercial quality 3/8-24 thd.  
$32.25 6 piece high speed steel tool bit set, left,right,45 degree,round nose,boring bar, and cut off

A 6 piece set of high speed steel tools, manufactured by Taig, which will do most of the ordinary tasks on the lathe. They are good for the amateur as they serve as models for general tool griding. They are available separately as well.

Here are examples of the use of the toolbits.

$2.40 Unground tool bit 1/4" square For grinding your own tools
$6.05 Left hand tool bit For cutting away from the headstock
$6.05 Right hand tool bit For cutting towards the headstock
$6.05 45 degree chamfer tool bit For chamfering the end of stock
$6.05 Round nose tool bit For fine finishing cuts
$6.05 Boring bar tool bit For boring holes to any diameter
$6.05 Cut off tool bit For cutting off work
$6.40 Slitting saw arbor, screws directly on spindle including wrench I don't generally recommend these accessories for the lathe, as they are primarily used by those making a small tablesaw attachment for the lathe. For most work it is better to buy a blank arbor and less than 1.5" diameter slitting saw for work on the milling attachment. They do work well on the Taig milling machine.
1110ER $6.40 Slitting saw arbor, 3/8" shank for ER spindle Use with a 3/8" collet in the mill's ER16 spindle.
$14.30 .032 X 2 1/2&quot: dia high speed slitting saw Slitting saw for use with 1110
$6.90 Grinding wheel arbor, screws directly on spindle This turns your Taig into a very small bench grinder, useful for minor sharpening of toolbits and drills. It is imperative to cover every surface of the lathe when using this accessory, as grit will ruin any lathe quickly. It would be better to buy a stand alone grinder, if you have the money and space.
$7.20 Grinding wheel set Grinding wheels and adapter for use with 1120
$4.75 Blank arbor 1.00" dia. screws directly on spindle (may be machined for special jobs) This blank arbor is tapped 8-32 in the center, and provided with a matching washer. It can be machinied to perform a myriad of workholding tasks, and is easily made into a saw, grinding or milling arbor. Made of free machining steel for easy turning.
$3.20 Blank arbor This is similar to 1130, but is untapped, and can be easily machined to make arbors, endmill holders, flycutters, and similar accessories.
$11.70 Drill chuck arbor (3/8-24 thread), attaches Jacobs chucks to headstock spindle By mounting this arbor on the headstock drill chucks may be held on the Taig for drilling work mounted on the crosslide or milling attachment, and for using small burs and buffs like a polishing lathe.
$11.50 Drill chuck arbor (3/8-24 thread), 3/8" straight shank for use on ER spindle. Has a 3/8" straight shank for chucking in the ER milling machine spindle with a 3/8" collet.
$43.50 Drilling tailstock, lever operated 5/8" off set with dead center, 3/8-24 thd for drill chucks

A lever action (quicker than a screw feed) tailstock, which has an integral dead center, and a 3/8-24 thread for drill chucks. The tailstock my be offset for turning tapers, and the adjustment can be used to align the tailstock as well.

Here are three methods of aligning the Taig tailstock

$18.75 Needle bearing center, spring loaded (fits in tailstock) Quickly replacing the ordinary tailstock ram, the live center will work at high speeds without burning (as the dead center may do at high speeds). It is spring loaded so that work may be quickly replaced, and that pressure can be adjusted. It can also be used as a tapping guide.
$17.30 Die holder for tailstock (will accept 13/16" and 1.00" button dies) For making threads on studs and shafts, the die holder aligns the die with the work, so that reasonably concentric threads can be cut by hand. It rides along a shaft which mounts to the tailstock ram.
$9.75   Spare Gates polyurethane vee belt No.3M 315 12 1/2" flat length For mounting motor behind and to the left of the lathe. Also used on the Taig Milling machine.
$9.75 Spare Gates polyurethane vee belt No.3M 500 20" flat length For mounting motor directly behind the lathe
$29.55 6 step pulley set (2 pulleys per set) 3/8" motor shaft 3M 500 belt included Same as 1162, but with smaller hole for motor.
$29.55 Pulley set as above for 1/2" shaft motor STD 3M 315 belt included (3M 500 belt optional) The pulley set comes with two matched pulleys of six steps, providing a speed range between 500-5000 rpm with a 1725 rpm motor. Depending on the motor you use (3/8" or 1/2" shaft) and where you mount the motor, you will need either belt. The pulley sets can be mix and match as well, if you need pulleys for another application, or want a longer belt with set 1161, etc. I have never needed to replace my original belts, but some customers like to have a spare on hand.
Generally if the motor is behind the lathe, you want the long belt, and if it is to the left of the lathe, the short belt. Currently the motor Taig ships uses the longer belt for setup. Belt length is important, always specify which one you want.
$5.10 Extra tool post (same as supplied with lathe) Having an extra tool post means that you can leave bits shimmed to the perfect height and simply swap toolposts to change tools - a great convenience.
$6.10 Back tool post, tool bit mounts upside down, 2 tools may be used at same time The easiest way to part work off on the lathe, as the back toolpost creates a more rigid mounting due to the physics of a dovetail slide. Also for production work, one can use both toolposts, turning and parting without stopping the lathe.
$33.40 T Bar Cut off Tool, height adjustable An excellent accessory! The all steel tool body mounts a t-section cutoff tool upside down. The slot is cut at an angle so that the tool can be adjusted to be exactly on center. It is used, like the back toolpost, behind the work. Very rigid.
$28.90 Steady rest 3/32" to 1 1/2" capacity A simple plate with a bored hole, which mounts to the bed. three brass fingers are adjustable to ride against the work, so that longer pieces can be faced and drilled without deflection.
$46.90 Top slide (compound) mounts on crosslide for cutting tapers and angles A slide which mounts on top of the crosslide, that can be set to travel at any angle, for cutting tapers and tapered bores in the workpiece. The toolbit mounts directly on top of the slide with a provided clamp. The compound can slip if heavy cuts are taken, due to the mounting, and a piece of thin typing paper between the compound and crosslide will generally prevent this.This slide can also be used for making custom machines and fixtures.
$21.50 Radius Turner, swings Tool Bit in arc The radius turning tool will turn ball ends on rods up to 3/4" diameter. It is not that good for much else however, see this article showing its use. In use the workpiece must project 1.375" out from the face of the chuck jaws, to make room for the attachment, this can cause chatter, so light cuts must be taken. With work that can be held in collets this amount is reduced, so for putting ball ends on rods 5/16" and less it is more rigid. It will only do 1/2 balls, not full ball ends, so you can't use it to make ball cranks, ball joints, etc. For these projects, Joe Osborn's excellent tool, or a home made one is recommended. Only buy this if you need to just put half balls on the ends of rods.
$66.00 Milling attachment mounts directly on crosslide (2 x 3 3/4" table) This is a vertical slide, similar to the crosslide, for adding a third axis to the Taig (z axis) Work can be mounted on the slide, either with the simple vise blocks, screws or hold downs, and milling and drilling operations performed on it, using the headstock to drive the tool. The milling attachment can be adapted to most smaller lathes and used for custom work.
$15.10 3/4-16 chuck adapter, adapts chuck to mill table The Chuck adapter is a dummy Taig spindle nose that mounts on a Taig t-slot, so that if you have work mounted in the four jaw, you can then mount the four jaw on the milling slide and use an end mill in the headstock to mill a slot in it. You can also use it mounted on the faceplate as an eccentric chuck, although only at the slowest speed with small workpieces, and counterbalance weights opposing the eccentricity. You can also mount a drill in the dummy spindle nose, and use the carriage to move the drill (after centering it with the vertical and crosslide adjustments) allowing drill feed of any length (need to drill 6" deep holes, even my drill press won't do it).There are a thousand situations where the chucks can be used as bench vises, in engraving etc.
$20.40 Fly Cutter, 1 1/4 to 2 1/2 inch diameter, 3/4-16 thread mount, tool bit included. The flycutter is a single point tool which sweeps a broad arc and mills surfaces flat with a fine finish.
1224ER $20.40 Fly Cutter, 3/8" shank, imported. Imported, has a 3/8" shank for use in the ER spindle with a 3/8" collet.
$28.90 Milling vice, 2.125" opening x 2" wide The Milling Vise is a nice little vise that fits on the milling slide (or any other Taig t-slot)
$32.50 Milling vice with handcrank, 2.125" opening x 2" wide (for milling machine only, not lathe milling attachment) Same as 1225 but with large ball crank for turning handle. Will get in the way when used with the milling attachment, mainly intended for the Taig Milling machine.
$12.15 1/16 dia. milling cutter, 2 flute double end 3/16 shank, mounts in 3/16 collet These are small double ended endmills which can be held with the collet set, and used with the milling attachment
$12.15 3/32 dia. milling cutter, 2 flute double end 3/16 shank, mounts in 3/16 collet  
$12.15 1/8 dia. milling cutter, 2 flute double end 3/16 shank, mounts in 3/16 collet  
$12.15 5/32 dia. milling cutter, 2 flute double end 3/16 shank, mounts in 3/16 collet  
$12.15 3/6 dia. milling cutter, 2 flute double end 3/16 shank, mounts in 3/16 collet  
$52.00 5 Piece Endmill set(double ended) 1/16,3/32,1/8,5/32,3/16  
$26.50 Riser block kit for headstock and tool post (provides 6.00 swing tailstock riser not incl) The riser blocks raise the center up one inch, providing a greater turning radius. These are not to be used for heavy work, but perform well making wheels, gear blanks and similar forms. they can also be modified to make accessories which clamp to the bed, or to mount the headstock to other machines.
$21.80 Tailstock riser only Can also be used on the mill to get an extra inch of swing.
$8.25 Book - "How to Run a Lathe" reprint of old South Bend Lathe Manual This is the book which the South Bend lathe factory used to ship with their lathes. Although not specifically for the Taig, a good book about the basics of lathe work. This book can also be bought from Lindsay's books.
$7.50 1" Spindle Wrench This is a thin wrench that you can use to tighten chucks onto the lathe and mill. You will need two when using the ER16 collet system on the milling amchine or with the lathe adapter.
2010 $64.00 4" x 14" x 5/8" Tooling plate for Mill. Bolts down to either 2018 mill table or 2019 mill table. Plate has 56 10-32 holes that are 1" on center spaced

A nice beefy aluminum tooling plate, thick enough to be resurfaced, lots of tapped holes. Comes with mounting hardware and extra 10-32 screws. Holes are tapped 1/2" deep.

Useful for milling flat parts and as a base for fixtures and jigs.

2035ER $48.00 3/8" shank boring head. A simple boring head, comes with two carbide import boring bars.
#300-00$125.00ER Lathe Headstock1-1/4" hex for the chuck to screw up against. 22mm x 1.5mm thread.
(The mill ER headstock (#200-00) has a 1" hex so there is no flat to screw up against)
#300-04$4.501-1/4" wrench for ER lathe headstock.When ordering the ER lathe headstock version of the lathes, you will need one of these and one of the 1310 wrenches.

Taig Manual Milling Machine
Taig CNC Ready Milling Machine
Taig CNC Milling Machine

Taig Milling Machines

2018ER$835.40Micro Mill (X travel 9.5 inches)
2019ER$970.00Micro Mill (X travel 12 inches)
-MU$125.00UPGRADE ANY of the above MANUAL MILLS with a 1/4 hp, continuous duty, 3400 rpm motor. NET PRICE
2018CR-ER$1,125.002018ER converted to CNC ready with Nema 23 motor mounts, upgraded 1/4 horse power motor . Does not include stepper motors or control system.
2019CR-ER$1,211.002019ER converted to CNC ready with Nema 23 motor mounts, upgraded 1/4 horse power motor . Does not include stepper motors or control system.
5019CR-ER$1850.002019ER converted to CNC ready with Ball Screws on each axis, with Nema 23 motor mounts, and upgraded 1/4 horse power motor . Does not include stepper motors or control system.
ERSpecial2N/CFree set of ER16 collets ( 1/16, 1/8, 3/16, 1/4, 5/16, 3/8 ) a Vise, and 2 End mills (1/8 & 3/16 inch) Manual & CNC Ready Mills Only
HND-CR$27.00Handcranks for all three axis in addition to CNC motor mounts
2026ER$2295.002018ER Full cnc mill, 2018 w/ 3 stepper motors, stepper mounts, cables, controller, upgraded 1/4 horse power motor, Mach3 license
2027ER$2495.002019ER Full cnc mill, 2019 w/ 3 stepper motors, stepper mounts, cables, controller, upgraded 1/4 horse power motor, Mach3 license
5027ER$2995.002019ER Full cnc mill with Ball Screws on each axis, Nema 23 motor mounts, stepper motors , control system. and MACH3 software.
Rotary Table$600.00Rotary Table for 2026 or 2027 with 200 oz/in stepper. Only for use on the 2026ER or 2027ER
USB Module$150.00USB Module Option: Win XP, 7,8 or 10 operation. USB parallel port adapter, allows use of Taig Control on more modern machines without parallel port. NO DISCOUNT, NET
Spindle Relay $100.00Spindle and accessory relay box for full CNC mill
200-00ER$124.50Complete headstock with ER Spindle, ER Collet Closer
1164$9.90Single Headstock Pulley
2018-XY Stage$455.752018XY Manual with Hand Cranks
2019-XY Stage$544.352019XY Manual with Hank Cranks
2018CR-XY Stage$536.752018XY axis with Nema 23 motor mounts  
2019CR-XY Stage$598.502019XY axis with Nema 23 motor mounts
5019CR-XY Stage$1025.00Complete 5019XY axis with BallScrews and Nema 23 motor mounts
5019CR-Retrofit$1400.003 axis Ball Screw Retrofit kit that includes a complete XY Assembly (5019CR/XY) and a Z-axis main body with the ball screw for $1400.00. Customer reuses Headstock, Spindle motor and Z-axis column with the steel plates. Customer will slide the new Z-axis main body onto their existing Z-column.

Available ER16 Collet Sizes
ER Collet Set with six ER collets (1/16, 1/8, 3/16, 1/4, 5/16, 3/8)
1/16" ER 16 Collet
1/8" ER 16 Collet
3/16" ER 16 Collet
1/4" ER 16 Collet
5/16" ER 16 Collet
3/8" ER 16 Collet
3/32" ER 16 Collet
5/32" ER 16 Collet
1/32" ER 16 Collet


TAIGTurn CR version CNC Ready Lathe is factory assembled wired up and ready to go. It has a 1/4 hp spindle motor and comes with an ER 16 spindle, 3-Jaw Chuck, 2 adjustable Tool Posts, a set of 6 ER collets and Nema 23 motor mounts. (does not include 'X' or 'Z' Axis motors, Control Box or Software) $1200.00


TAIGTURN 2000 DSLS Full Blown CNC Lathe with DSLS closed loop control system for faster feeds. Includes 1/4 hp spindle motor, ER 16 spindle, 3-Jaw Chuck, 2 adjustable Tool Posts, 6 ER collets, chip guard, motors, control box, Digital Index Signal Processor for threading, Emergency off switch, spindle On-Off control module and Mach 3 software $2995.00

Tool Post Prices

300-75 Adjustable Tool Post Main Body 52.00
300-76 Tool Post Toolholder with slot to hold 3/8" tool. 38.00
300-77 Tool Post Toolholder with two 3/8" diameter holes to hold 3/8" dia. tools. 38.00
300-78 Tool Post Toolholder with two 5/8" diameter holes to hold 5/8" dia. tools. 38.00

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